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KingKorn™ Gourmet Flavors

Perfect flavors take years to create, and our flavors are "time-tested tasty"!

Using the finest ingredients, we've created delicious flavors you're sure to enjoy time and time again.

Choose your favorite gourmet flavors for your Decorative Tin.
Can't decide which one you like best - no problem...
combine up to 2 flavors in a 2 gallon decorative tin, or
combine up to 3 flavors in a 3.5 or 6.5 gallon decorative tin.

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KingKorn™ Buttery
Gourmet Popcorn
As always, in a class by itself!

Klassic™ Gourmet Flavors

Daily fresh-popped popcorn in Klassic™ flavor choices like KingKorn™ Buttery, mouth watering Klassic Karamel, Klassic Cheese that is guaranteed to turn your fingers orange, and Texas Jalapeno Cheese with that TX southwestern jalapeno punch...
Klassic Karamel Gourmet Popcorn Klassic Cheese Gourmet Popcorn KrazyKorn Mix Gourmet Popcorn Texas Jalapeno Cheese Gourmet Popcorn
Klassic Karamel
Gourmet Popcorn
Klassic Cheese
Gourmet Popcorn
KrazyKorn™ Mix
(Klassic Cheese &
Klassic Karamel Mixed)
Texas Jalapeno Cheese
Gourmet Popcorn

Kandied™ Gourmet Flavors

Try our creative Kandied™ flavor choices like our sweet English Toffee, mouth-watering Texas Vanilla, spicy Red Hot Cinnamon, or Tutti-Frutti with an explosion of flavor in every popcorn bite.
English Toffee
Gourmet Popcorn
Texas Vanilla
Gourmet Popcorn
Red Hot Cinnamon
Gourmet Popcorn
Gourmet Popcorn

Knutty Gourmet Flavors

Try our Knutty™ Gourmet Popcorn Flavors like Karamel Pecan with a "nutty-salty-sweet" taste that's hard to stop eating or our newest Toffee Almond... we know you'll keep coming back for more of these fabulously flavored gourmet popcorns.
Karamel Pecan
Gourmet Popcorn

Toffee Almond
Gourmet Popcorn
(English Toffee with Almonds)
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